Workshop Descriptions

Walking a Heart-Centered Path to Healing


We all have the capacity to heal ourselves. Heal, derived from an old word meaning whole as in become sound again; to end a conflict. Healing is different from curing whose goal is to relieve us of the symptoms of a disease or condition.

The power of self-healing is profound. It affects us in all aspects of our life, but most deeply in our daily living. Healing brings an intimacy with life that allows us to feel contentment and at peace with a conflict that prior to healing left us wounded and incapable of living our life to the fullest. In healing we find our genuine self.

This workshop offers a pathway to challenge and work through the long-held belief that we cannot heal. We will focus our attention away from how we have been conditioned to think and believe to instead see ourselves as powerful, connected, and able to heal.

Workshop focus:

  •      Explore a new approach to healing
  •      Understand the difference between healing and curing
  •      Understand how challenges and problems can be doorways to answers
  •      Learn to harness the power and resources you have within for healing

Facilitators Heron Diana and Bea VueBenson. Bea is a Circle keeper and Licensed Marriage and FamilyTherapist (LMFT) in private practice. She attends to the experiences and issues of healing, spirituality, trauma, and mental health that people bring into the therapeutic setting and the contexts in which people live their lives. Bea is committed to creating safe space for people to listen and be heard, assist them in connecting to their needs and values, and guide them to make desired changes in their lives. 

Fee for the workshop: $90







The Healing Power of Nature; Forest Bathing

Ongoing individual sessions. 

This workshop introduces you to the healing power of nature and includes indoor and outdoor activities. Experience firsthand how nature can be a good companion in any healing process. In the smallest of things, we can expand our understanding of where we fit in the larger world.

In nature, there is peace, solace, refuge. We can create an inner sanctuary, a place for our spirits to unburden, our souls to awaken. Sanctuary allows us to remember what is important, contemplate what is necessary. Without contemplation, it is difficult to find our way home when we lose our way in life.

Workshops take place outside and only cancelled if severe weather is imminent.

$75 for a 90 minute private session (1-3 people);  $115 for 2 hour session.   Groups of more than 3 (maximum 12): $30 per person for 90 minutes; $35 per person for 2 to 3 hours.

Special groups or events please call me for rates. Package rates available.

Call to make an appointment: 612.205.6080. If an appointment is not canceled within 24 hours the cost of the entire session is due. If your appointment is connected to a package, the credit of a full session will be deducted. Thank you for your respect and consideration!

Ongoing:  Contact Heron