Workshops are a way to bring forth and acknowledge our highest ideals. They help us understand self-perceptions — a necessary ability in transforming our lives. They increase competency for navigating through trouble. Workshops are a way to access inner wisdom, clarify purpose, and allow us to connect, or reconnect, to what we define as sacred.

Come find yourself.


On Being Called to Heal Ourselves.

All day workshop

Are you longing for more depth and answers in your healing journey? Live life more fully and authentically; experience a deeply profound and generous process for connecting with your healing needs. Learn skills to listen and tap into your inner resources and intuitive wisdom.

Call: 612.205.6080.

Facilitators: Heron Diana and Bea VueBenson

Saturday, July 27, 2019, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

$95. Limit 20 participants  ‚Äč



The Healing Power of Nature; Forest Bathing - Ongoing workshops and sessions

Ongoing individual sessions.
Half-day workshop option, tailored to your group needs - Limit of 12 participants

This workshop introduces you to the healing power of nature and includes indoor and outdoor elements. Experience firsthand how nature can be a good companion in any healing process. In the smallest of things we can expand our understanding of where we fit in the larger world.

Call to make an appointment: 612.205.6080.  $50 for 90 minutes private session. Please click below for more options and prices.

Ongoing workshops. All workshops are held outside and only cancelled if imminent severe weather is forecast. Please contact Heron for current schedule.