Coaching is many things. It is a confidential relationship which provides a safe place to explore your deeper self. It is a conversation with a trained listener. It is an opportunity to reflect on your relationship with life. It is your time to discuss setting and working on goals. It is an opportunity to strengthen tools and skills you already have. My role is not as an adviser or problem solver, rather, I help you become more attuned to the rich wisdom you carry within. The process is informal, gentle and unscripted.

I may ask you questions intended to stretch your understanding of yourself, ask you to contemplate experiences in your life, encourage you to take steps that help you to strengthen your intuitive voice. I will listen deeply and attentively. I will remind you of the everyday sacredness of self-exploration, hope, life and love. I believe soul and spirit, deep within us, are important voices to heed; they are our road map to a rich and satisfying existence.

Sessions are one-hour and payable at the end of our session. Sliding scale available. Please contact Heron.

I hold either virtual sessions over Zoom, or in-person sessions following current Covid-19 safe practices.

By clicking the above payment link, you are agreeing to the cancellation and payment terms listed below. Additional fees apply for credit cards.

Venmo and Checks are gladly accepted.


If you are unable to keep your scheduled appointment, whether a virtual or in-person appointment, please give a 24 hour cancellation notice to ensure you won't be charged the full price of your session. If you miss your appointment, or do not give a 24 hour notice of cancellation, you understand you will be charged for your appointment. If you bought a package session, this will count as one of your sessions. Thank you for your understanding!

My office is conveniently located within a few blocks of Interstate 94 and just west of downtown St. Paul, MN. 

The Benefits of Nature in Healing, aka Forest Bathing

We all benefit from the incredible healing capacity of nature. These benefits can be brought into your coaching experience in a safe and guided manner.

For thousands of years, people have communed with Nature to deepen their spiritual connection. The restorative powers of nature are well known: immersing ourselves improves our health, allows us to regain our balance, and deepens our relationship to the divine. This is an opportunity to calm your thoughts, strengthen your emotional and physical healing capacity, and get in touch with your inner wisdom.

Guided walks, meditations, quiet sitting, walking labyrinths; there are many ways to experience the healing benefits of nature. I encourage you to meet with me in the out-of-doors for these sessions. 

Longer sessions can be booked; please contact me about pricing.