Meet Heron

In my earlier life, I owned and ran a construction company. I have mediated since 2002 in public and private venues, and continue to consult with individuals and businesses regarding cultural equity and problem solving. While these vocations may seem unusual segues in working with you in your search for a stronger, more contented life, all taught me the value and necessity of forming a strong, balanced interior life.

Creating an authentic life is like building a strong, dependable house. At the base is a solid foundation. We then construct a framework built to endure and withstand the conflicts and storms of life. Finally, we create an interior that is crafted by self-determined beauty.  

Below are some other aspects of what I love about life.

One of my good friends. It’s important to have time to wonder about the smallest of things. Wandering is equally important. I love the beauty to be found in life, whether in a garden, walking to greet a summer morning, or in times long past. Getting together with friends and family is sweet.