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Heron Diana; Healing Coach


I invite you into a mindful, sacred place.

As a person who has recovered from trauma, I bring the experience of taking responsibility for my life.

Story is sacred and telling our story starts the process of healing. I offer you a supportive and encouraging place to do this. 

Choosing to live a life that is emotionally, physically and spiritually healthy and centered is an attainable and beautiful choice.

Whatever you are searching for, whatever you are healing from, whether you feel lost or uncertain, it is necessary and sacred work to heal. 

"Heron's contributions during my partner Kim's living and dying journey lives on. It has modeled my interactions with cancer patients (and their families) in similar circumstances. I am much more present and can gift that advice to other unexpected and serendipitous encounters in my life."
-Ed Benites, Bend, OR
“Heron is the most honest person I’ve ever met. She is direct, compassionate, and funny. With a fully open heart and gentle presence, she establishes immediate trust and ease. Heron really listens and encourages people to identify and build upon their own skills and strengths.”
-Ellen Benavides, St. Paul, MN
"Heron has the ability to meet coaching clients where they are and help them find their own path forward in a supporting and caring way. She asks questions which encourage deep reflection and fosters the strength and wisdom people have inside, giving them confidence to take risks and try new things."
-Aimee Gourlay, Minneapolis, MN